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Telecom industry lifts international profile
issued£º January 13,2015

China's ever-expanding telecommunications industry is bringing the world closer together, industry insiders said ahead of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Beijing.

And the surging adoption of fourth-generation telecom networks is set to boost telecom-related consumption in the country, such as the sale of smartphones."As the three major telecom operators of China obtain TD-LTE licenses, their strength will be greatly enhanced and the industry will become more mature," said Jason Shen, a senior market analyst at global market intelligence firm IDC China's Telecommunications Research Group.

China's Big Three telecom carriers - China Telecom Corp Ltd,China United Network Communications Group Co Ltd, or China Unicom, and China Mobile Communications Corp Ltd - have all been working to promote their 4G services to Chinese customers, although many small cities - especially in Western China - still have no or poor 4G signal coverage. A report from IDC has estimated that with more smartphones sold in China equipped with 4G capabilities, the penetration rate of this latest telecom technology is set to surge in coming years. Chinese telecom equipment makers are also developing to overseas.

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