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  The cultivation of comprehensive modernization, high-level management personnel
  The Hongan Group Co., Ltd has rapidly developed in the fierce market competition and its fame and reputation to be obvious to people in the industry. At present, the cultivation of comprehensive modernization, high-level management personnel is the a urgent matter, which is the company's long target for developing talent resource.
  To provide a vast arena for talents 
  Everyone in the company may have the opportunity to show his (her) ability. Different jobs will select the most excellent person to do. You would be the excellent employees if you have the good performance.
  To provide the training opportunities for talents
  The construction of learning type enterprise is the long development target of the company. There are employee's training center, reading room and library, which supply the opportunities for employees.
  To set excellent talent values
  In the company, you shall feel powerful enterprise's cohesion and the master's spirit of unity, loyalty, cherishing posts and devoting all efforts to work. The cultures of the Hongan's enterprise would lay solid foundation for the talent development.

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