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· HongAn group co., LTD. Signed the file
· Fiber Optic Network Cable
· HONGAN GROUP wins China Telecom Bidding January 13,2015
· Telecom industry lifts international profile January 13,2015
· Wendeng¡¯s Municipal Leaders Visited Hongan Group September 24,2012
· The leaders of Weihai¡¯s city visited the Hongan Group August 24, 2012
· 2012 International Fiber Communication Forum Held at The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Hohhot City August 16, 2012
· FengHuo company has finished the tests of the national first 100G state trunk network August 10, 2012
· Hongan Group Project of Bow-type drop cables for access network has approved of examining July 10, 2012
· Project of Flexible Bending Resistant Optical Fiber Cable Was Listed in The Second Batch Program of Technology Innovation of Shandong Province June 6, 2012
· Hongan Group was admitted as a Weihai¡¯s city level units of engineering laboratory March 28,2012
· The Project of FTTH Multi-purposes Wiring and Distribution Optical Fiber Cables Was Listed in The Program of First Batch Technology Innovation of Shandong Province March 27, 2012

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